“Finding the Rainbow” by Rachel McGrath

Winner of The People’s Book Prize 2016 – Non Fiction.

Honorary Winner – Non Fiction Parenting – Reader’s Favourite Awards

People's Book Prize

Winner of The People’s Book AwardsSeptember 2015.

As a girl, I recall playing with dolls, dressing them and nursing them to sleep, pretending that I was their mother.

Growing up, I would often dream of my future; getting married to my handsome ‘someone’, and starting a family.  Such dreams were built-in through natural instinct, family and custom. Recently I found the personal and private diary I kept at the age of sixteen. Through pages of teenage angst, school cliques and social dramas, it also detailed fantasies of my adulthood. It told of my dreams of a ‘tall dark handsome’ man who would sweep me off my feet in the most romantic way; we would marry and have children, living the fairytale ending!  Whilst perhaps this was a little exaggerated, I always held on to deep aspirations to have my own children.

Imagine if suddenly, those dreams of becoming a mother may never come true…honor-shiny-hr

Finding the Rainbow is my story, and how I coped with infertility, miscarriage and loss. It has never been my intention to dwell in the sadness and misfortune, instead I focused on looking forward, finding hope and staying positive. Everyone copes differently, and no two situations are the same. In writing my story I hope that it reaches others, helping them to find something in the story to connect with, even if only just a mutual understanding.



“Finding the Rainbow” by Rachel McGrath

“Finding the Rainbow” by Rachel McGrath.

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