Who am I?

I was born just north of Brisbane in Australia, growing up by the seaside.  After my studies I lived in Melbourne for a few years, before moving to London in my early thirties.  I have now lived in the United Kingdom for eight years, where I have married my gorgeous husband, and I have a career in Human Resources.

I love adventures, traveling, festivals and events, and I’ve recently taken to writing and blogging online.  Whilst I’ve always loved writing, this is the first time I’ve ever made my work public.  I am now truly enjoying connecting with different people all over the world through the written word!

Finding the Rainbow is my first published work, and my personal memoir.  As a newly married couple we were lucky enough to fall pregnant 6 months after we started trying to conceive.  Unfortunately we experienced a myriad of fertility challenges and to help me through my pain and to reconcile my feelings, I wrote down my experiences in a diary.  It helped me, and now through publishing this intimate journal I hope that it helps to open up the subject of infertility (a condition that is often considered taboo).


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