Monthly Archives: March 2015

Man o’ Man

When people hear about our misfortune, with four pregnancies lost, much of the sympathy goes to me, the female. After all, it is my body, and it is me who experiences the physical loss. In the early stages of pregnancy, it could be so easy to miss with no outward signs of what was once, and is now no more.… Read more →

Pregnant? Don’t Ask….

How many of us have been asked ‘that dreaded question’ when greeted by a friend, a relative or a stranger? The question that makes your stomach flip, your throat get tight, and your eyes dart around for a quick escape….. ‘Are you pregnant?’ Regardless of whether you do or don’t want children, whether you are trying to conceive, or worse,… Read more →

Strength and Resolve

The entire concept of fertility and infertility is such a closed subject. Women and their families hesitate before telling anyone they want to start a family, for fear of things that could go wrong. So many keep their struggles a secret, sometimes never even talking to close family or friends, and silently grieving when things don’t go to plan.  … Read more →

What are you grateful for?

Amidst the past two years dealing with my personal misfortunes, and perhaps in an attempt to retain my sanity, it’s been important for me to focus on the positives, the aspects of my life that I’m truly grateful to have. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’; ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’; ‘When god closes a door, somewhere he opens… Read more →