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Finding A Different Rainbow

Those who have now read my memoir ‘Finding the Rainbow’, will understand exactly what this little man means to us, and how he came to join our small family. Coco Pops (yes that is his name) is now 18 months old. This amazing little dog has become a very important member of our family, and unbeknownst to him, he has… Read more →

My Bucket List

Yesterday I enjoyed the experience of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time, with a group of friends. Having only lived in the United Kingdom for eight years this has always been on my ‘bucket list’ of things to do. The ladies I was with yesterday all had the same mission, and it got me thinking… How do I define what… Read more →

My Philosophy … My Memoir

Today is an incredibly special day for me! Today is the official launch date of my first published work. This was my personal journal, something that I kept by my side during one of the most difficult times in my life. It carries my intimate story of loss, grief and hope, and I want to share it with you. Why?… Read more →

Spring is in the Air

One of the hardest things for someone going through fertility challenges or having experienced pregnancy loss is the fact that everyone around you seems to be pregnant and having babies. Tell me I’m wrong. It is as though, everywhere I look, someone has a lovely round tummy, or a gurgling new born just taunting me, reminding me of what I don’t… Read more →

What Defines Failure?

One word that maddens me is ‘failure’. I was talking to someone the other day about my own situation, the fact that I had experienced miscarriage and that I was exploring my infertility, and I was asked this question. ‘Why do you think your pregnancy failed?’   The definition of ‘fail’ is to prove deficient or lacking; perform ineffectively or… Read more →

Doctor’s Orders

Why do I always feel worse, not better after seeing my doctor? Is it just me, or do others feel this way? Today I had a fairly routine appointment, something I had scheduled a few weeks back on advice from my specialist. At the time of booking I had given a detailed description of the appointment to the receptionist, and had thought… Read more →

Finding my Rainbow

The release of my first published work is both exciting and daunting! I’m opening up my life, my feelings, and my emotions to the public; to friends, family and acquaintances, something that doesn’t necessarily come easy to me. Bizarrely, it seems more comfortable having my story on paper, writing it down and letting others read it, rather than trying to… Read more →

An Heir and a Spare

The Duchess of Cambridge and her pregnancy have been the focal point for media attention worldwide, even before she actually conceived. First, there was the speculation as to whether she was or was not pregnant. Every time she touched her stomach it was a sure sign in the eyes of the media. The public expected an immediate pregnancy after that spectacular wedding.… Read more →