Monthly Archives: June 2015

Living a Child’full’ life – the ‘Ever Upward’ Story

This weekend I read ‘Ever Upward’ by Justine Brooks Froelker, a woman has bravely suffered the pain of infertility. Justine’s own story is different to mine, yet much of what she writes resonated closely with the feelings and emotions I had experienced. At times I felt she was truly talking to me as she captures the pain and misfortune associated… Read more →

How to kill a conversation…

There is a certain kind of awkwardness that sometimes arises in conversations when asked whether I have children – a family. ‘I am married’, is my standard response, hoping this closes off further enquiry. Nonetheless, many will continue to probe, asking: ‘kids?’ Of course there is nothing truly intrusive with this question. A simple ‘no’ and moving onto a new… Read more →

Stopping the Race

This week has been a little rougher than most, testing my fragility and my ultimate quest to be optimistic. It made me reflect on how I feel about my own situation and my strength to keep going. As a women struggling with fertility, I have moments where I struggle to breathe with the thought that my quest to become a mother may never… Read more →

Defying my Limitations

Many women and men are facing infertility every day. In fact Resolve (the National Infertility Organisation) quote that 7.4 million women (11.9%) have received fertility treatments, and that 1 in 8 couples in the US have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. So, essentially there are women all around us facing daily roadblocks, hurdles and obstacles and potentially being… Read more →

Dancing in the Rain

One lesson I have learned through this very challenging journey is that life doesn’t stop; you cannot plan for something you have no control over.   Initially when we started trying to conceive I would plan my year around when I expected a pregnancy or even planned due dates. Holidays were scheduled with the third trimester pregnancy in mind, and… Read more →

Storm Damage

It has now been twelve months since the last storm (aka, my fourth miscarriage), and I’m still in search of my rainbow. However, to be perfectly honest I have taken some time from seeking out that colourful aspiration, and I have focused on giving myself time to heal throughout the aftermath.   I have bruises, scars even; and although they… Read more →