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Angel Breaths

What if  ‘lost angels’ were watching and protecting us? I recently came across a delightful book, ‘Angel Breaths’ by Sherrie Lowe an experienced author of now six novels and two memoirs.  Honestly, I found this book under the theme pregnancy loss and miscarriage, but it is far more fantastical than a reality story. Sherrie Lowe eloquently tells the story through the eyes of a ‘lost… Read more →

What if we talked about Miscarriage?

Look around you. Think about your friends, your colleagues and even your family members. Statistics say that approximately 1 in 4 couples deal with infertility. That is most likely someone you already know, yet you may not be aware of it. Miscarriage and infertility is a disease. It is a condition that many people all around us are experiencing every day;… Read more →

Advice to Myself

Now reaching my fourth year of trying to conceive and still no child to show for it. This has been an incredibly heart-breaking journey, one which I am starting to feel that we will never reach the destination we had hoped for. I look around and many of my friends and family now have toddlers, even school-age children, and I still wait… Read more →

Anna Writes – Guest Blog

Anna’s story is particularly frustrating, after experiencing recurrent miscarriages; her tests came back with a rare chromosomal deficiency as well as lupus.  Anna is a fellow writer releasing her first novel ‘Killing Hapless Annie’ in 2016.  She is also a mother of three boys. Thank you for sharing your story. When you first start trying for a baby, perhaps it… Read more →

Parent Memories – Guest Blog

I’m pleased to introduce a new blogger and tweeter @ParentMemories who is candidly opening up on her own experience with miscarriage as a way of expressing her feelings.  She is another courageous woman opening up and sharing her story to lift the lid on infertility. No, not ‘everything happens for a reason’ That’s what well-meaning people say when they don’t know… Read more →

Getting Some Perspective

This week I’m on the Cornish Coast, literally overlooking the sea. This has been a long awaited summer holiday for me. It is a chance to just step away from the havoc and reality of life, taking some time away from it all; getting some perspective. I don’t know about anyone else, but at times it feels as though I’m… Read more →

Angela’s Story – Guest Blog

I have met so many amazing women on this journey who are bravely sharing their own stories. Angela is also like me, having experienced unexplained miscarriages, and also blogs regularly about her journey. You can follow her at Surviving Infertility.   After my high school sweetheart and I finally tied the knot, it didn’t take me long to decide that I… Read more →