Monthly Archives: September 2015

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I sometimes wonder what it means to ‘finish’ this journey. It is almost four years now that we have been on this road, but it feels so much longer. Is there really ever an ending, a final destination? Do those who have succeeded really put the journey behind them; do they feel that they have finally found their way? I… Read more →

Living for the Rainbow Baby

The last three years has certainly been an eye-opener for me.   I had honestly thought that when that time was right, we would start that conception journey and motherhood would quickly follow. Wrong!   But my complete naïvety was very apparent in that thinking. Life really does not have any guarantees.   Nonetheless, I had planned, waited, and calculated… Read more →

What does Mother Nature know?

Last week I was with my specialist, this week I’m in the sunshine. A contrast certainly but it was important for me to time this holiday accordingly. Time to reflect and decide….   So first of all we did have good news. My medical situation has been solved (so far), and now we just need to let the dust settle… Read more →


Most romance novels are generally light, feel-good reads with the ultimate happy ending.  But what if they were to also touch on a delicate and topical subject, such as infertility?   Inconceivable, a first novel by Tegan Wren was a truly enjoyed this wonderful and engaging read, and I’m so honoured to have read a copy prior to its release. At first it could be misinterpreted as a… Read more →

The People’s Book Prize

I am ecstatic to announce that FINDING THE RAINBOW has been nominated in the Non Fiction category of the PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE!   Each year this esteemed program opens up to three categories (Fiction, Non Fiction and Children’s) and they select ten books in each category which will be highlighted over a three-month period for the public to vote on!   I truly… Read more →