Monthly Archives: October 2015

My Roller Coaster Ride

Don’t you think that ‘trying to conceive’ is exactly like a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park? Think back to when you were eight years old (or thereabouts) and that first time you were allowed to ride the biggest and most exciting rollercoaster ride! First, it is so exciting to arrive and you can’t wait to get there; you run… Read more →

The Fertility Traffic Jam

In many ways ‘trying to conceive’ and challenges around fertility are like driving through peak hour traffic. How you say? Just hear me out . . . Sometimes you get lucky. Regardless of the time of day, you reach your destination with no traffic jams or obstruction; it’s just a smooth and tranquil drive, and you arrive according to plan. Unfortunately,… Read more →

Putting myself in the Lead

Writing a memoir has been, in many ways, therapeutic; but it was also incredibly unnerving. Through my story, ‘Finding the Rainbow’, I literally made myself the lead character of my own book. I placed my entire personal life into the open for all to read, review and critique. On reflection, that could have been a potentially daft move; but do… Read more →