Dream a Little Dream

Sometimes I just dare to wish. At night I dream that my one wish will come true. I wish I could be lucky, just the once, to wake up and know that I am pregnant again, but this time in my dream I know it will be a healthy pregnancy. That I will carry this pregnancy to full term and hold a baby, my baby in my arms.

I dream the same dream, in the hope that one day we will be blessed. Boy or girl, that doesn’t matter, and I only need for one. One is plenty to fill my life with the happiness and joy I crave as I yearn to be a mother… And that one and only child will be the most special, precious babe and it will be loved.

Motherhood is hard, it’s tiring, sometimes relentless yet I promise myself if it were to come trueRainbow Over Water, never will you hear me complain, not to anyone, not ever. If my wish were to come true I would always reflect on just how hard this journey has been, and how many others will have experienced similar pain. The hiccups and challenges are part of that wonderful ride of shaping a little human being, helping your child understand the ways of this vast crazy world. I would accept that role with open arms and I would cherish and remember every moment knowing I had truly been blessed.

One day I dream that this wish will come true!

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