Time out with friends..

Today I had time out, time with good friends. Both have a young family, with busy schedules, and are parents, with the joy that babies, toddlers and young children have to offer. Yet everyone needs time out.th

We talked, gossiped and just enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. A mum with kids is non-stop, 24-7, and even when they do take this time, you can see it in their eyes; they never stop being a mum! It’s just an amazing concept, so enthralling, but yet all consuming. In that moment when your wonderful baby finally reaches this world, your entire meaning for existence changes, and that purpose you have wondered for, suddenly becomes a reality.

I watched that today, and what was humbling, and yet still something I could never truly understand, not until I really experienced the actuality.

What we did discuss however was the subject of ‘time-out’. For mums it is sometimes difficult to be anything other than ‘the mum’, the nurturer, carer, housekeeper and householder. Sometimes it is difficult to schedule your own time, your time with friends and just time away, to be the person you were once before. Perhaps you need it, perhaps you don’t.

But consider this, what about your life before, and what about those friends you have who don’t understand what it means to be a mother? Whether by choice, or unfortunately not. Perhaps we are not married, perhaps we are dating or maybe we will never have the opportunity to have our own children. For whatever reason, we hope our friendship will remain the same and we look forward to that ‘time out’. Sometimes it is just so important to have time with just you, no kids, no strings, just the girls. It is important to both of us, for our sanity and for our friendship.

So understand we know it is sometimes hard to find the time, but when you do, its all that more special, as it’s our time, it’s time for friends.


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