What are you grateful for?

Amidst the past two years dealing with my personal misfortunes, and perhaps in an attempt to retain my sanity, it’s been important for me to focus on the positives, the aspects of my life that I’m truly grateful to have.

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’; ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’; ‘When god closes a door, somewhere he opens a window’. Tried and tested sayings which sometimes feel a little hard to make true sense of. Yet what I am sure of is that there is value to finding meaning in one’s own life and circumstances, to find opportunity beyond the obstacles.   Sometimes it’s easy to dwell on our own hardships and there are no misgivings for that, we are human after all, we feel hurt and loss, and we seek support and solace. We should feel feel grief and express our pain and sometimes our resentment, anger and frustration when life doesn’t go to plan. However, life keeps moving and if we pause, or stop moving with it, what happens?

When I look up, and around me and I witness so many people fighting bigger challenges in their own lives – disease, heartbreak and loss – I realise that life isn’t just about me and my misadventures. In the world around us we hear of war, abuse, poverty and so much heartbreak and crisis it makes it hard to fathom that we are living on the same planet. Sometimes I find it difficult to comprehend that everyone’s lives, their own personal experiences can be so distinctly different.

So in saying this, I am working hard to focus on being grateful for each and every day, for all the things that I’m fortunate of – my good health, good friends, loving husband, family support and a secure home environment.  

And so, I’d like to know, what are you grateful for?  Share with me…

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