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Departure Lounge - culture
Today I sit in the airport departure lounge, after a week-long work conference, waiting to board my flight home.

Airports fascinate me, and I’m an avid people watcher, which always makes the departure and arrivals lounge so intriguing. People come and go; families, solo travellers, business professionals; each heading in their own direction; all with their own stories to tell.

I travel a lot with my job and when I’m not working, I’m planning a holiday to new and exciting destinations. Sometimes it feels like I’m always waiting for a plane to depart or arrive, yet I do enjoy the adventure and intrigue that travel offers; the new sights, different cultures, or just meeting new people from all walks of life. As I wait and watch, I reflect and I ponder on the stories of those around me, are they coming or going, moving or visiting, and what has happened in their lives, bringing them to this place and time.

Why? Well we all have a story. At times it’s easy to be oblivious, focusing on our personal realities, situations or obstacles, and yet there is a big wide world out there with billions of people, all with their own circumstances, some struggling with life, health, or whatever distinct challenges have fallen in their path. Yet in this crowd, at this airport, I would never know what’s beneath the surface, and never will, perhaps not even if I asked.

Why is this important? I guess it’s not. But this is life, and all these people around me have their own adventures, priorities, needs and wants. Yet sitting here, it makes me feel a little less concerned with myself, and more aware of the fact that whatever life throws at me, I’m not the only one, and that somewhere, someone else is perhaps facing a greater challenge. It’s the humble appreciation that we do not know and cannot assume on first glance, that we know the details of a persons’ life. Even so, I will always ponder on their story…


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