An Heir and a Spare

The Duchess of Cambridge and her pregnancy have been the focal point for media attention worldwide, even before she actually conceived. First, there wasroyal baby the speculation as to whether she was or was not pregnant. Every time she touched her stomach it was a sure sign in the eyes of the media. The public expected an immediate pregnancy after that spectacular wedding.

When she finally did get pregnancy, she suffered terribly with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that left her hospitalised, a condition that publicly exposed her condition early into the first trimester. Then, during her pregnancy, there was continual speculation as to what sex the baby would be. I even read one article stating that because she was wearing pink, it was a definite sign that they were expecting a little girl.

In the past few days, after a long wait, we heard that she had delivered a healthy baby girl, a little sister to Prince George. Poor Kate was heavily overdue, undoubtedly tired and miserable, and still the media were resolved and waiting for the breaking news, camping out in hope for a first glimpse of the new royal baby. Even so, Kate took it in her stride, as always, appearing not long after the birth, looking like a million dollars.

So can we assume her obligations are now done? She has provided the kingdom with its heir in young Prince George, and just in case, the little Princess Charlotte is their spare. Thinking on this concept, I reflect on the pressure Kate must have faced to reach this point, and I wonder, is she now relieved? Ultimately it is her duty and obligation to provide the nation with its future King or Queen.

I compare this to my own challenging journey in trying to achieve a first healthy pregnancy, and the pressure I have put on myself throughout the past couple of years to reach this goal. I could not fathom how I would respond, should the entire nation; the world even; be intently watching my every move, guessing at endless possibilities. Whatever the outcome, it is nature’s prerogative alone that defines the course towards motherhood. No amount of power, money or stature can change this if it’s not meant to be.

We have all read our royal history, the infamous be-headings and divorces from royal spouses who could not provide an heir to the throne. Clearly times have now changed, but I do question what may have happened if Kate had the same challenges I am having today. Would the media be so kind to her, reveling in her beauty and poise, and focusing purely on the great work she can do in support of charities and community organisations. Or would she be tarnished, as the kings and queens of days past, unable to provide the kingdom with an heir in waiting, and therefore a failure in the eyes of the British royalists.

Well at least now she can relax, regardless. We may never know the answer. Whether or not they decide to continue to procreate, build on their family, ultimately her duty is complete.

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