Finding A Different Rainbow

Those who have now read my memoir ‘Finding the Rainbow’, will understand exactly what this little man Coco2means to us, and how he came to join our small family. Coco Pops (yes that is his name) is now 18 months old. This amazing little dog has become a very important member of our family, and unbeknownst to him, he has helped us through a very challenging and stressful time in our lives. Who would have thought that this vibrant little brown-eyed dog, would be our salvation of sorts, giving us a different perspective and focus, and essentially helping us heal the wounds of loss and grief.

Many have asked, can a dog replace a child?

Well I am not sure I really need to say either way. What is more important is that Coco is our family. Like any family member, we love and care for him, we spoil him silly and we could not imagine our household without him. Of course we have our moments, such as times when he destroys things, barks in the middle of the night, craves constant attention, or chases poor Willow (our six-year-old cat) endlessly around the house. But his love is unconditional for us, as ours is for him.

I suppose that you may be wondering why this ‘dog’ is being blogged about on a social media page all about miscarriage and fertility?

Well, as I reflect on my life and my future, the fact is that I would love to be planning my first child’s birthday party, play dates, or even thinking about schooling options. Nevertheless, this is not my current reality. I realise that people mock my motives when I talk about Coco’s new tricks, or that we secured a ‘dog friendly’ holiday cottage, and that sometimes we pertinently bring out pictures and videos of our pets in dinner conversation. Perhaps it does sound a little bonkers, but these little four-legged darlings make our lives Willowcomplete today, and without them, our home would be an empty nest.

The realism that we have tried, unsuccessfully, to fill our home with little human feet, would be far more apparent if we didn’t have animals to feed, nurture and clean up after each and every day.

Each person has their own way of filling that gap and dealing with their options when facing infertility challenges. Even more so, it’s not just a gap, it’s a way of moving forward, creating a reality that helps you find something alternative to face the future with, looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.

There is always a light, a rainbow of sorts; it just may not be the rainbow you dreamed of.


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