Finding my Rainbow

The release of my first published work is both exciting and daunting!

I’m opening up my life, my feelings, and my emotions to the public; to friends, family and acquaintances, something that doesn’t necessarily come easy to me. Bizarrely, it seems more comfortable having my story on paper, writing it down and letting others read it, rather than trying to articulate my feelings verbally. But now I wait in trepidation, I wonder, have I done the right thing, am I a fool for being so transparent, and now what’s next?

It’s certainly been a journey, or perhaps more of a rough ride, with many obstacles along the way. On top of that I am trying to balance a busy career, my home life, relationships and life in general. Not an easy task.

At times I don’t think about it, but lately with the excitement of my memoir coming to life, now being availablerainbow rose publicly to purchase, it feels always front of my mind.

So am I ready? There is no true way to tell. Now I just wait and hope that the response is what I had hoped for. My sole ambition is connection, reconciliation, understanding, and truth. I look forward to the comments, feedback and experiences from those who do read it – don’t hold back, transparency is important.  It is the reason I decided to publish this work in the first place.

For those who do purchase my book I thank you wholeheartedly for the support you are giving me on this unpredictable journey, and I can assure you that hope will always prevail in ‘finding the rainbow’ whatever my rainbow will be.

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