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Today is an incredibly special day for me! Today is the official launch date of my first published work. This was my personal journal, something that I kept by my side during one of the most difficult times in my life. It carries my intimate story of loss, grief and hope, and I want to share it with you.

Why? Because no one should feel alone during times of heartache, and this is one of many stories that couples are experiencing every day all over the world. It is also a story that is seldom spoken about openly.

Growing up I was always taught to face my fears head on, I was encouraged to speak out and be open aboutblog my feelings. I accept that at times I wear my heart on my sleeve, but understand that this is a part of who I am; and I will never change. In sharing my story publicly, my only wish is that it connects with other families, other women; and it helps carry a message that infertility is not a stigma to feel embarrassed about, and that pregnancy loss is by no means an individual failure. I hope that through reading my story, it reveals my focus on staying positive, and keeping my hope alive though all the misfortunes I faced along the way.

Philosophically, today would also have been my late grandmother’s 88th birthday. Marjorie McGrath was a private person; she was strong and proud, and she always encouraged me to the best person I could be. Today I am thinking of her as I proudly launch my memoir, ‘Finding the Rainbow’. She missed out on meeting my husband, or seeing me get married. She always hoped to one day become a ‘great grandmother. I know that she would have encouraged me to carry on, fight for what I really want and never give up.

My story is to be continued. 

My full memoir is available at:  Amazon UK or Amazon US or Amazon ANZ


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