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Yesterday I enjoyed the experience of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time, with a group of friends.bucket list Having only lived in the United Kingdom for eight years this has always been on my ‘bucket list’ of things to do. The ladies I was with yesterday all had the same mission, and it got me thinking… How do I define what is on my ‘bucket list’ and why?

The ‘bucket list’ is defined as the things you want to do before you die (so in essence before you ‘kick the bucket’). It is supposed to be a way of making your life memorable, and it is not about dying, it is about living.

So then you must be asking, why a flower show? And what else is on my list? Anything truly interesting?

Don’t misunderstand me; it is not as though I have a check box of twenty plus items I am systematically moving down. This is a concept of the things I want to experience or achieve throughout my life, such as a trek of Machu Pichu, or the opportunity to cross the Nullarbor Range. But in essence these are all achievable goals, there is nothing truly challenging here, nothing I couldn’t accomplish; except for one.

There is one particular item on my bucket list which has been an objective since I was very young. It has been something I have dreamed of, something I always thought would be easily fulfilled once my stars aligned and fate gave me the opportunity. But this one thing on the list is out of my control. This one thing, above all others, would negate any other objective. This one thing is to have my own baby, to be a mother, to build my family.

So now I ask myself, what if I could never reach this goal, never achieve my one true desire? What will I do; and has my life truly been fulfilled?

The answer? Well, it is really up to me. My life, my choice, and I can dwell on the things that are outside of my control; or I can take control myself, and find another objective.

So I choose the latter. I choose life and living it for each and every moment, and focusing on what is within my control.  Of course I hope and pray that someday the stars will align, and my one BIG objective will be reached. In the meantime, I will keep adding to my bucket list and focus on enjoying myself.


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