Defying my Limitations

limitationsdemotivatorMany women and men are facing infertility every day. In fact Resolve (the National Infertility Organisation) quote that 7.4 million women (11.9%) have received fertility treatments, and that 1 in 8 couples in the US have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

So, essentially there are women all around us facing daily roadblocks, hurdles and obstacles and potentially being told that their chances of motherhood are limited. Sadly, some may need to consider other options aside from conceiving their own child. All these women also include me.

It’s difficult to feel like you’re just a statistic. It’s even more difficult to picture a future where potentially you may not get the child you’ve always dreamed of – your own biological child. Whilst I am confident that if faced with a future of alternative options, I will always be a devoted and loving mother. Any child that I am lucky to be charged with will be my own precious baby.

Nonetheless, I still wonder what it might be like to carry a child to full term. The joys and woes of pregnancy, that anxiety and fear of facing labour, and that the first time the midwife hands over that wriggly, gooey bundle, knowing that you will be connected for life. It’s a difficult concept to know that perhaps this was just never meant to be, and my destiny will possibly follow an alternative route.

Like many women in this situation, I feel as though my quest towards motherood has become an all-consuming physical and emotional ride which constantly challenges my strength and energy. Nevertheless, each time I hit a barrier or reach a point where someone tells me that this road is becoming too hard, I become more determined to look for that one further option, that last chance which may prove fruitful towards my pursuit of a family.

I am therefore defying the statistics. I am focusing on pushing my own limitations and what I’ve been told I can do with my own fertility. It is difficult at times, and I am of course a victim of the regrets and reflections of a woman who ‘could have done things differently’. But this is the now and present; I can only control my future, not my past. So I will push the bar and find a way through this dark cloud to a bright tomorrow.

Who is with me?


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