Angel Breaths

What if  ‘lost angels’ were watching and protecting us?

I recently came across a delightful book, ‘Angel Breaths’ by Sherrie Lowe an experienced author of now six novels and two memoirs. 

Honestly, I found this book under the theme pregnancy loss and miscarriage, but it is far more fantastical than a reality story. Sherrie Lowe eloquently tells the story through the eyes of a ‘lost angel’, a child never born. It certainly touches on loss, but the essence of this book links themes of humanity, family, friendship, loss, hardship and most of all love.

The concept that our ‘lost angels’ remain watching over us, connected as spirits to our world, may resonate with women like me who have experienced miscarriage. Whilst it carries a theme of why these spiritual angels came to existence, and the remorse them leaving this world so prematurely; the story beautifully holds their essence throughout, allowing the reader to believe that there is a purpose.

Angel BreathsNonetheless, this story takes us from the spiritual realm, into the lives of two women and their families on two very different paths of life, and effortlessly interweaving their journeys together. The book brings in themes of humanity, friendship, loss, hardship and most of all love. Angelique (the ‘lost angel’) watches over her own family through their struggles to conceive, and the conception of her soul mate, born to a drug-addicted teenage mother.

This was certainly a very different story telling, and it reminded me in parts of another book I enjoyed reading called ‘The Lovely Bones’. Angelique is ever present throughout the book, but it is her story of two expectant mothers, that draw you deeply in, keeping you turning each page until the very end.

I am not sure how much of this book will support a woman or family dealing with infertility or pregnancy loss directly, but in saying that, the underlying story of hope and forgiveness that is healing and valuable. Apart from everything it is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wondrous story with a different angle.

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