Getting Some Perspective

This week I’m on the Cornish Coast, literally overlooking the sea. This has been a long awaited summer holiday for me. It is a chance to just step away from the havoc and reality of life, taking some time away from it all; getting some perspective.

I don’t know about anyone else, but at times it feels as though I’m running through life at a speed, that I am so determined to maintain a certain pace, that I do not allow myself just a moment to stop, reflect and relax. At times I realise that I am intent on keeping myself busy with work, social events and other projects (even blogging) as a way to avoid reality. These past few years have been really rough for both me and my husband. Slowing down or even stopping perhaps shows some kind of defeat or acceptance, and I sometimes feel that I need to show people that I am coping with the situation that life has bestowed on me, that I am happy with mother nature’s destiny for me. But am I?Cornwall

It feels like such a quandary when something you want so much is suddenly taken out of your own control, and yet there is an expectation to find a new version of that ‘happy’ ever after. So I focus on making my own happiness, but am I trying too hard at times?

Sitting here watching the people on the beach below I see families with children on their summer holidays enjoying the British sunshine, oblivious to anything else and just enjoying the sunshine, sand and gentle waves. I also observe elderly couples hand in hand walking the length of the beach; local surfers striving to catch each wave with vigorous enthusiasm; and teenagers building bonfires and campsites ready to spend the night amongst their school-age friends. All of them enjoying the moment, seemingly unworried about tomorrow, and just taking the time to appreciate the people they are with today.

It makes me realise that there is a big wide world out there, and there is really no rush at all. Mother Nature is a powerful woman, and try as I might this is not a process I can completely control. Life just happens, and perhaps I need to let it. So I realise that it’s time to find a way to relax and give myself time to just take in my situation and understand it. Whilst I am allowed to take that moment and sometimes feel a little sorry for myself, I also need to find a way to appreciate the many positive aspects of my life; and just enjoy them!

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