Finding Reasons to Celebrate

Amidst all the angst and frustration of dealing with infertility, there are moments where I need to stop, check myself and remember the good things in my life.


It is so easy to get caught up in the heartache and desperation of a dream that you cannot seem to fulfill. It would be easy to blame others, and become embittered or withdrawn in your own failing to conceive and carry a baby. But then this is life, and life is random and unexpected; we all know that. So trying to control this one piece of our existence was never going to be achievable.


Sure, there are medical miracles happening every day. Some have been fortunate to fulfill their dreams this way. Nevertheless, if Mother Nature is blocking our paths, there is no detour that will bring us back to that same route. No amount of self-pity or resentment will change her mind either.


It is what it is. Accept it and move on… easier said than done. I know that!


However, what I am completely sure of is that throughout every bump or roadblock, there is something in our lives that we can stay positive about. Whether big or small, and for our sanity we need to find opportunities to be grateful and just celebrate them.


For me now, at this very moment, I am grateful for:


  • The unconditional love I share with my lifelong partner;


  • Family and friends who have supported me through this journey (through thick and thin);Asunshine2


  • The freedom to choose alternative options should this path lead to no where;


  • This blog; my writing – my escape sometimes from the reality and the pain; and


  • The wonderful response I receive from those who read these snippets of my mind and its wanderings.


What will you celebrate?

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