Everyone is Talking about Mark Zuckerberg

This week I read several articles featuring Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and founder of Facebook). He and his wife are pregnant! However, they have also experienced the loss and anguish of multiple miscarriages.  He bravely made a very public statement about their losses and the pain that they went through on their fertility journey.


It is wonderful to hear that they are expecting a little baby girl after obviously such a struggle to start their own family. What is much more prevalent is the public outpouring of support as well as others sharing their own experiences. Being in the public eye Mark is a key public role model through business and social media; sharing his personal story will certainly help others feel more comfortable speaking about such an intimate subject.


Zuckerberg has certainly started a trend over the past few days, with #miscarriage going viral on social media pages.Zuckerberg


Controversially perhaps, I do wonder why are we only comfortable sharing our stories once we have a positive outcome?


This is the first time Zuckerberg has gone public with his personal experiences of trying to conceive and pregnancy loss. Please don’t get me wrong; I think his story will certainly spark more openness around the subject of fertility and miscarriage. Nonetheless, you seldom hear such stories until someone has something good to share. Why is that?


There are millions of women all over the world trying to have babies. Some successfully of course; but many have dealt with multiple miscarriages, several rounds of IVF and fertility treatments and sadly they may never see that happy ending. Their lives may never have the opportunity to share the ‘good news story’, and ultimately they may be forced to look at alternative options for their family plans or their future in general.


Reaching that point, where you feel you can try nothing more and knowing your chances of success are minimal is heartbreaking! That one wish to conceive and carry a child may never come to reality, and acknowledging that is one of the hardest points to reach on this difficult journey. At that point, it is about finding an alternate happy ending, whatever that may be.


Everyone has a different story to share, and talking openly about it is incredibly important. The world of infertility and miscarriage is lonely, and sometimes you need to connect with others who have shared a similar journey, so that you do not feel so isolated.


Mark has taken a brave step forward putting his entire fertility journey into the public eye. Hopefully his story will spark further openness and help to remove the discomfort around a subject that one out of four couples experience worldwide.


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