Forever Friends

Throughout the past two weeks, I have been back to my hometown, just north of Brisbane, in Redcliffe, Australia. Living in the United Kingdom, my visits home are sometimes over twelve months apart. Nevertheless, I always love coming, enjoying the sunshine by the beachside and spending time with as many friends that time permits.

I consider myself very fortunate that many of my closest friends from school and university live nearby, and some who don’t have made an incredible effort to travel here in coordination with my visit. Spending time with friends, albeit many years have passed for some, we quickly revert back to a rhythm as if time has stood still.

It is true, you know a good friendship when you can pick up again like you had just met yesterday; or you should call in a bout of trouble, you can be confident that they would move heaven and earth to be there by your side.Silhouettes_on_Beach_II_by_fantasy_friend

There are times where I become cynical about social media, but for all of its nuisances, the one thing I truly value is the power of its connection to friends and family. Over the years, having relocated several times including overseas, I would have lost touch with many a valued friend. I acknowledge my idleness when it comes to telephone or writing, but through my social media accounts, I am up to date and connected with friends and family all over the world. Many of whom I may not have spoken with for several years.

I count myself extremely lucky to have developed and retained a wide circle of forever friendships throughout the years within many spectrums of my life; school, university, work and social connections. Like many people I have had friendships come and go, but those who have remained by my side through thick and thin, those are the friendships I will have forever. Years may pass, sometimes decades, between encounters, but regardless I am positive that those years will be lost over a glass of wine, and nothing would have changed; bar a wrinkle or two.

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