What does Mother Nature know?

Last week I was with my specialist, this week I’m in the sunshine. A contrast certainly but it was important for me to time this holiday accordingly. Time to reflect and decide….


So first of all we did have good news. My medical situation has been solved (so far), and now we just need to let the dust settle and hopefully nature will take its course. Now, unfortunately as my specialist advises, my age is my biggest issue. I’ve just turned thirty-nine and so apparently the chances of miscarriage become even greater as that big four-zero looms! After four miscarriages, how much more can I deal with?


His solution is IVF.Mother Nature


Yet I’m not so sure. He says, all things considered, that a natural pregnancy is still achievable, but he advises strongly to pursue the extensive –and expensive- option of filling me full of stimulants, egg retrieval and so forth. I just wonder how much more my body can sustain; we can sustain, given everything we have been through so far.


I hold strong admiration for those women who have endured multiple IVF rounds, what they have physically and mentally experienced, and perhaps that scares me. What if it fails?


I truly understand that IVF can potentially offer us some guarantees when it comes to our family plans, and I’m certainly not counting it out. But when he tells me that we ‘can fall pregnant naturally’, am I crazy to want to pursue that option first?


Perhaps I’m being stubborn, or perhaps selfish; maybe just afraid, but I am erring towards Mother Nature first and foremost. Que sera sera? Not so sure now!


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  3 comments for “What does Mother Nature know?

  1. paolabranasborn
    September 8, 2015 at 10:09 AM

    Great news! Yes if you can conceive naturally then I agree you go down that path. IVF is grueling and there are no guarantees, plus you are using your body as a pin cushion… the affects can last a lifetime. Do what is right for you., after all you know your body and what you are prepared to do. Best wishes on this next stage.

  2. September 8, 2015 at 11:09 AM

    such a hard decision to make! You could decide to keep trying naturally for some amount of time, like 6 months and try alternative treatments in the meantime and keep ivf as a plan b. Of course ivf is scary and no guarantee but it seems to give people their best odds. I wouldn’t want to do it multiple time either…

  3. September 19, 2015 at 11:04 PM

    Hi Rachel, will FB pm you soon, but just wanted to comment here after reading this and let you know that I have been through and successful with both IVF and trying naturally at 41 which was nutso given my age and my genetic diagnosis. But nothing is too nutso to consider on this journey, and every decision is so complex and so personal. If you would like to hear a little more about my story it’s on Beat Infertility podcast #16, or contact me any time. Thinking of you with love and rainbows.

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