A Year of New Hope

As we are about to enter a New Year, many are planning celebrations and debating on which New Year’s resolution to fulfil.


I really enjoy the spirit around this time of the year, as it brings new energy and expectations for what may be and the paths we hope to follow over the next twelve months. Perhaps not everyone has a resolution that they are about to proclaim, but we all have hopes and desires of what we would like the year to bring. That is the truly exciting (and sometimes daunting) part about this time of the year; we just don’t know what will happen next.international-womens-day-islam


The past few years have been challenging for me, and each year I have approached the next one with renewed hope of achieving my dream to become a mother. But in the past years so far it was not meant to be.


I cannot control Mother Nature or destiny, but I can do everything in my power to stay positive and in many ways realistic about my dreams. Perhaps this year could be the one for me.


Many hopeful mums like me possibly experience these same feelings, and despite everything we must remain positive and uplifted about ourselves, and the strength we have needed to endure the setbacks. I will never forget what has been lost, but in many respects it has only made me more determined to prove my body wrong and find happiness in whatever life throws at me.


This is my New Year’s Resolution for 2016: To love, to live and to never give up hope.


My Memoir – Finding the Rainbow

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