Another Path through the Storm

What would our life be like if we never did have children? That is one very tough question, but certainly something many couples face following struggles with fertility. It is that question: ‘what if’ things had been different? How could our lives have had a completely different perspective.main_900


Now we are facing this. Whilst our journey is not quite over, we are close to the end of this road, and we now must prepare ourselves for why might be.


So how do you resolve this with yourself, and what should we be thinking?


I don’t claim to know the answers, but what I do know so far is this.


We are enough.


Above everything, the partnership and love we share as a couple as brought us through this journey, and we are stronger because of it. Our lives will be fulfilled together, albeit a different type of fulfilment to having children and watching them grow, but we have many other dreams to follow together in this life.


We will never regret.


There may be times where we pine for the pitter-patter of little feet throughout our halls. Nonetheless, we cannot look back; we can only look forward. Our lives are changing direction with every experience. Perhaps we will have an alternative family setting, perhaps not. But we will not regret, we will only grow stronger, and love.


We love.


We love each other, we love our family and we love the friendship and support we receive everyday from those all around us. Despite everything, we still hold that one word as the truth. Sometimes it is tough, we have moments of hurt, but above everything else love is strongest and will always prevail.


And so life goes on, and we start a new year shortly, and who knows what will happen next . . .


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