The Big Four ‘uh’ Oh

Every year, I can hear my biological clock, ticking louder and louder. This is the year I turn forty, and it seems I’m being reminded around every corner of the health profession of my impending ‘old age’.


The thing is, I never thought of myself as a potential older mum until this point. Now, the reality is that every year my chances are getting more and more difficult. Rewind back a few centuries and a woman my age could almost be a grandmother. But that was then, this is now, and times have changed. So why can’t the medical profession seem to at least acknowledge this.bigstock-Woman-s-Biological-Clock-Illus-47204071


There is a degree of insensitivity that I continually find with specialists and doctors, who feel that they are warning me against the pitfalls of my age; they don’t seem to understand that it only adds to a woman’s anxieties through an already stressful time.


Last week, I was actually called a ‘geriatric patient’. I’m thirty-nine, not ninety-nine! I’m fit and I’m healthy, and I have no other major ailments except that I’ve experienced recurrent miscarriage. So why are these patronising terms still being used, when they only make us feel negative and even more anxious about that ticking biological clock?


The reality is that many women nowadays are starting their conception journey later in life; and many are successfully starting families. Miscarriage happens. Even back in the Middle Ages, women experienced miscarriage and loss; not much has really changed. Yes, our bodies were designed to start a family earlier, however, today we have the benefit of advanced technologies, as well as a more acute awareness of our own health and well-being. People are living longer, and every day there are new possibilities in the field of medical science.


So I say, forget about the numbers, and take charge of your own destiny. I am a true believer that when the time is right, good things will come!


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