Why we NEED to talk about the baby

As a woman who struggled with fertility, and having experienced multiple miscarriages, I was shocked by the social discomfort that surrounds the subject of trying to conceive, infertility and loss.


Like many women I had at times wondered if I would ever really fulfil my destiny to be a mother; the losses I experienced reinforced these fears and heartbreak, placing questions on my ability to conceive and carry a baby to full term. Yet, more so, the isolation and sometimes social awkwardness surrounding my situation made my quandary much harder to face.


There should be no silence in pregnancy loss and no shame in infertility, says the new documentary about Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infertility: Don’t Talk About the Baby.


This is the first documentary, which will openly explore the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss and infertility. Don’t Talk About the Baby is not just a movie; it is about social change, awareness and exploration of the cultural roots of the taboo around this specific subject area.


The intent of this documentary is clear from the producers: “Too many couples suffer through miscarriage, stillbirth and infertility and are silenced by the stigmas our culture places on such difficult topics. This documentary will give people the education and tools to start conversations, build support and spread awareness.”1908324_1436755316578202_8198188930593554543_n


I have personally been following this brave documentary from its conception, and I cannot wait to see the end product, hearing real voices and helping to open the channels of communication. The clear aim is to provide visibility to an issue that is often hidden from public view, helping to raise awareness and clear the shame surrounding infertility and pregnancy loss.


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