Without the Rain there is no Rainbow

We never forget the storm, but it is the rainbow of hope that promises a new tomorrow.


This month is quite a significant month for me. It marks four years since we started our conception journey. Albeit I am appreciative, as many have travelled much longer, some are still on their journey.


I also turn forty this month, which marks a new decade in my own life milestones.1,width=300,height=300,appearanceId=1,version=1463642503


Lastly, I will meet my much anticipated rainbow baby tomorrow!


This beautiful baby we have yearned for; he is our destiny and our hope for a new tomorrow. The anticipation of this moment makes it difficult to relax and sleep. As I feel him move inside my belly, I wonder what he will look like, I worry about the birth and I yearn to hold him in my arms. It is merely hours away now; not days, weeks or months. I just can’t begin to describe my excitement.


Women have babies every day, and yet for me, and many other women, it was something that was never a given. Human beings are designed to procreate; it is the primary law of nature. So why do so many women struggle? Why should we have to go through this fight against our own bodies? I know well that feeling when your body is betraying the most basic of expectations, the uncertainty of what the future may look like without children, and the frustration and helplessness that there may be nothing you can do about it.


I am incredibly fortunate, but my story doesn’t end here. When my baby finally does arrive tomorrow, I will love and cherish him as any mother would. Yet, I can never forget the damage that the storm has left behind, and I will always advocate and support others who are experiencing their own fertility challenges. I cannot fix but I can understand.


To all my followers who have lived with me through this journey, I thank you with all of my heart. Your strength and support has seen me through the hardest moments. To those who are still on their journey, I hope I can be that strength for you, when you need it most.




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