The Rainbow Connection

Somebody pinch me!


I’m sitting here at almost midnight with my newborn son who is squirming beside me. He is almost four weeks old, and yet it still feels so surreal that I am his mother. I’m so in awe of this little human and the man he will one day become.


It was certainly a journey to get to this place, and every day as I watch him and get to know him, I am thankful to be here. Motherhood is tough, it is what I had expected, and there are times where I’m certainly out of my depth. Nonetheless, I made it here, and whilst I will always have the scars of yesterday, I’ve been given the opportunity of a brightly coloured tomorrow.


Many have followed my journey of infertility, my challenges in trying to conceive 4N8A9515and carry a baby, and even the hurdles and anxieties that I faced during my pregnancy. Yet now, as I watch my little man, I wonder how I could have been so blessed to produce such a miracle. He is just perfect!


So what happens now? My body returns to normal – hopefully. My focus now, is on motherhood, and becoming the best caregiver and role model I can be to the little man that is gurgling in front of me. Everything that I do will now shape this little human to be the person he will one day grow to be. It’s an immense responsibility and I certainly don’t take that lightly!


What I know for sure right now, is that all that anxiety, angst and frustration have brought me here today, as I finally hold my beautiful rainbow baby. This was my ultimate dream all along, and what I had fought so hard for.


I have to believe that someday we will all find the Rainbow Connection… and that wishes do come true.

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