Embracing the Storm

It’s done; I’ve finally completed my follow up memoir, and I feel so grateful and nervous all at the same time. This was my story, my journey, my fight through a cloud of uncertainty and grief, to search for the beauty of the rainbow.

Throughout it all, I kept a journal, capturing all of my experiences, my feelings and sometimes my insanity. It was cathartic and it helped me through some of the darkest moments. My first story was published – Finding the Rainbow – but sadly it didn’t end with the rainbow I had searched for. At the end of that story, I had experienced four losses and many setbacks, but I still had hope. This story – Embracing the Storm – follows on from ‘Finding the Rainbow’, capturing further obstacles and my relentless quest to become a mother.

Throughout it all, I discovered a lot about myself. I found out how strong I could be, despite the challenges we faced, and I was encouraged by the love and support we received from family, friends and the people I have met along this journey (either via my blog or readers of my memoir).

This journey never really ends for any of us. The damage and destruction from the storm will always remain a memory, and whilst I have been fortunate to reach my rainbow, I am aware many are still fighting their own storm. I continue to strongly advocate for those who are fighting against their infertility, and I hope I can offer an empathetic ear should anyone need support or comfort on their own quest.

Where to from here? The next chapter for me is exciting as I launch my memoir, and I celebrate in the joys of motherhood. I can now only hope that I will be the best mother I can be!

 “If you do not have hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.” St Clement of Alexandra

EMBRACING THE STORM is available on AMAZON now to purchase.


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