A Mother’s Day to Remember

It feels strange this year as Mother’s Day approaches and I will be celebrating my first seven months as a mum. For years now this was all I’ve ever wanted, and the significance of my journey leading up to this day. The day is not about flowers, perfume or any other gifts; it is about finally celebrating my journey to become a parent, enjoying the day as a family and taking stock of just how fortunate I am.

I am fortunate; I remind myself of that every single day and I am continually in awe of my baby boy. The sad fact is that many couples will never get this opportunity. Infertility is still something that many are struggling against with no real answers and only heartbreak and loss. Those four little angels of mine that will never be, are joined with millions of other angels all around the world. For many, Mother’s Day is a reminder of what cannot be, and the never-ending struggle that so many women are facing against their own bodies.

Motherhood is a gift, and it saddens me that there are some that take it for granted. Having fought so hard for my baby boy, I can now relax, but I will never forget the journey I took to reach this destination.

For me, this first Mother’s Day as a mother, I will celebrate my family and the gift I have been bestowed; but I will also say a prayer for those women who have not or cannot bear children of their own. I will also send my wishes and good health for the expectant mums who are excited but perhaps nervous about their pregnancy journey and the safe arrival of their new-born babies, and will continue to hope that more research and development will be supported to help understand infertility and its causes.

I still carry the heartbreak and memories of my infertility struggles, and so I know all too well the feeling of loss and emptiness on this day when you long to have a child of your own. I therefore encourage all of us to remember that Mother’s Day will have a different meaning to many women around the world, and that not every woman will be celebrating this Sunday.

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