A Different Storm

It’s been a few years since we last connected, I realise that. A lot has happened in that time. My fertility journey was closed, as I become a ‘one and done’ mum in 2016. After everything I went through, I just couldn’t repeat it all again. I couldn’t risk my own health, or the attention away from my amazing miracle rainbow. I finally got what I always wanted… Motherhood!

I know many are still waiting for that one chance, and so I’m always incredibly grateful for our happy, healthy little boy. At the same time, I am also conscious of not overtly making others feel upset or anxious, as they may still be on that difficult journey to try to conceive or carry a baby to term. It’s a difficult one for sure.

However, as I look back on this year (2020), the events that we have experienced have made me reflect on everything and we are ALL dealing. My biggest wonder is how people are coping? What helps us and what makes us anxious. No one truly knows how long we will be in the middle of this Covid Storm, but like I tell my friends and my colleagues – we are in the same storm, just different boats. Different countries, even counties, or whether you have children or pets or living alone, we are all going through our own set of emotions and experiences.

Writing has always been cathartic for me, and my way of expressing my own thoughts, feelings and even my anxieties. This blog doesn’t feel like it is the right place to do that as the topic and content doesn’t fit. So I created a new site embracingthisstorm.com. A theme around storms and rainbows I know, but it’s all relevant, and certainly provides the right platform for my writing.

I would love you to connect with me on this site, and even subscribe to hear regular updates, things to do and tips on how I’m coping through lockdown and beyond.

Big Love to you all … Rachel xx

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