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A Year of New Hope

As we are about to enter a New Year, many are planning celebrations and debating on which New Year’s resolution to fulfil.   I really enjoy the spirit around this time of the year, as it brings new energy and expectations for what may be and the paths we hope to follow over the next twelve months. Perhaps not everyone… Read more →

Another Path through the Storm

What would our life be like if we never did have children? That is one very tough question, but certainly something many couples face following struggles with fertility. It is that question: ‘what if’ things had been different? How could our lives have had a completely different perspective.   Now we are facing this. Whilst our journey is not quite… Read more →

Dear Friend

You have been with me on this journey for a few years now. You have watched me cry, get angry, frustrated or sometimes just silently grieve through the pain of infertility. Your strength and your reassurance have been graciously received, even if I have not always told you so. I am comforted by the knowledge that you are always there… Read more →

Tis the Season

Does the festive season reinforce your struggles with fertility and the lack of options when it comes to starting a family? Sometimes it really hurts. Over time I have seen many babies born and throughout the years I have observed them develop into toddlers and young children. I have watched their development as little people from afar, and yet I… Read more →

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I sometimes wonder what it means to ‘finish’ this journey. It is almost four years now that we have been on this road, but it feels so much longer. Is there really ever an ending, a final destination? Do those who have succeeded really put the journey behind them; do they feel that they have finally found their way? I… Read more →

Living for the Rainbow Baby

The last three years has certainly been an eye-opener for me.   I had honestly thought that when that time was right, we would start that conception journey and motherhood would quickly follow. Wrong!   But my complete naïvety was very apparent in that thinking. Life really does not have any guarantees.   Nonetheless, I had planned, waited, and calculated… Read more →

The People’s Book Prize

I am ecstatic to announce that FINDING THE RAINBOW has been nominated in the Non Fiction category of the PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE!   Each year this esteemed program opens up to three categories (Fiction, Non Fiction and Children’s) and they select ten books in each category which will be highlighted over a three-month period for the public to vote on!   I truly… Read more →

Que Sera Sera

This week I quietly celebrated my thirty-ninth birthday! I certainly don’t feel close to forty years old! Nonetheless, the years just keep getting shorter and that landmark birthday is fast approaching me. It has also now been exactly three years that we started this journey, and we are also, next week, hitting a precipice as we find out if we… Read more →

Finding Reasons to Celebrate

Amidst all the angst and frustration of dealing with infertility, there are moments where I need to stop, check myself and remember the good things in my life.   It is so easy to get caught up in the heartache and desperation of a dream that you cannot seem to fulfill. It would be easy to blame others, and become… Read more →

Everyone is Talking about Mark Zuckerberg

This week I read several articles featuring Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and founder of Facebook). He and his wife are pregnant! However, they have also experienced the loss and anguish of multiple miscarriages.  He bravely made a very public statement about their losses and the pain that they went through on their fertility journey.   It is wonderful to hear that… Read more →