Links, Related Articles & Reviews


I have had a number of opportunities to feature my memoir on a number of sites, and I’ve also enjoyed writing several articles on my journey so far. Please feel free to browse the links below.




Features and Reviews of Finding the Rainbow:


Recommended Sites and Blogs helping to ‘Lift the Lid on Infertility’:

  • Check out new author Tegan Wren‘s website and her new book Inconceivable
  • Visit my author page – for more updates on books I am working on and reviews
  • Beat Infertility – Introducing Heather Huhman who is releasing a series of pod casts with real stories from real women diagnosed with some form of Infertility.
  • My Fertility Specialist – Your free online Fertility Specialist Magazine
  • Ever Upward – Justine Froelker’s stories of hope, struggle, fight and recovery.




– Links, Related Articles & Reviews –